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About Robin

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Robin grew up all over the country as an Air Force ‘brat’. Every 2-3 years was a move to another state. At age 10, however, her family settled in to the small town of Medfield, MA. Transitioning from one place to the next became second nature as a kid, but it was definitely nice to settle in. With 2 very active older sisters who swam and ran, and a mom who coached, Robin started going to swim practices at  the age of 3.. and swimming! At age 4, she was ‘competing.’ This was only to get disqualified in every race she entered. But it didn’t discourage her from continuing to try. She wanted to keep up with the big 6-year olds and her 2 sisters, so she worked to get there. And so the competitive mindset began!

Swimming was Robin’s main focus through middle school. In high school, she dropped USS swimming and did high school sports: cross-country, swimming, and outdoor track. She had an absolute blast with this, and sports just became part of who Robin was. Senior year of high school was a challenging year though. She got a stress fracture in her left femoral neck that was nearly all the way across the bone. An emergency surgery to pin the fracture prevented Robin from getting a hip replacement. Missing most of her senior year of sports was sad, but she was able to get herself ready for college and the rigors of her next mission: West Point. A few more things came up that year though, including many nutritional deficiencies and other stress fractures that ultimately led to a diagnosis of Celiac Disease. Due to Celiac, Robin only spent a year at West Point before having to change direction. She moved to Indiana to attend Purdue University, running cross-country and track there as well, but was still hampered by injuries. Nearly every season, she was injured with another femoral stress fracture. In 2007, during her senior year there and after her last injury, she decided to leave the running world and join the Purdue triathlon club. This move forever changed her life! She met her future husband and started one of her future careers!

Post-college, Robin began bike racing to give herself a break from running and to also improve her bike leg. She raced road and track mainly, and did some cyclocross racing as well. In 2010, she moved to Wisconsin for graduate school to study Biomechanics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This forced sports to come second, but she still continued cycling and triathlons as hobbies. After graduating in 2012, she and her husband moved to Folsom, California for jobs. With beautiful weather during the fall and winter and not having to study all the time, she had more energy and time to train. She dropped the bike racing to focus on triathlon, which became her new passion. The people she met through the sport and the lifestyle it created kept Robin going back for more. She was excited to combine the 3 sports she grew up with into one sport and to challenge herself to be the best athlete and person she could be.

Triathlon is a lifestyle; it’s a way to maintain health and to celebrate our able bodies. Get out there and be active. Run, bike, swim, jump, dance, play. Cherish what today brings and don’t worry about tomorrow!

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