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Living with Celiac Disease as a Professional Triathlete

As a professional athlete with celiac disease, it has been a long learning process to be healthy and strong. And not an easy one. When I was diagnosed with celiac 12 years ago and went on a gluten free diet, I thought I would see major improvements and that my body would feel better quickly.



Recovery is critical to both physical and mental performance. It’s not always easy to fit in, especially for the time-crunched athlete, but it should be a priority. I try to listen well to my body and always pay attention to its needs and whether it is properly recovering from training sessions. Recovery is not just “resting”… re-fueling adequately, stretching/foam rolling, massage therapy and sleep are all essential components of it.

Travel and training

I had the amazing opportunity last weekend to go see the beautiful natural Yosemite Firefall, Horsetail Fall. It happens once a year for no more than 10 days, just before sunset when the glowing sun aligns directly on the falls

Gluten free snack ideas

Fueling is an essential part of being an athlete, and fueling correctly will help you get through your training and recovery well. Being gluten free, I have less options but I am thankful that companies like Udi’s and Glutino who have made it easier for me over the past several years.

Swim Training

Many people ask what I do for swimming and how they might be able to improve. I think the swim leg is the hardest for many triathletes, and people tend to brush it off because it’s the smallest portion of a race. You have heard this statement before: you cannot win the race in the swim, but you can certainly lose it. This is absolutely true!


TBF Tri for Real #1: Sunday, May 31st, 2015

This race was all about gratitude. It’s not every day that I am gracious for being able to do the things I do, but racing today was definitely just that. There are too many days I take for granted, unfortunately, but this race brought me back to reality.

Are you ready to race?

I go through my own checklist of things that need to be in order prior to the night before my first race of the season. As I prepped my own equipment, I made a list to share. My season opener is the Half Moon Bay Olympic Distance on Sunday, April 19th. I am looking forward to racing with USA Productions and all the athletes this weekend! When is your first race?

It takes an army

Triathlon is a team sport. For many people who toe the line, there is an army of people who have helped that person get there. For some, it’s about getting to that finish and for others, it’s about performing. But for everyone out there that day, there are countless others who are there in spirit – ones who are not actually competing but who have contributed a significant amount of effort to the athlete’s ability to race that day.