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Gluten free snack ideas

Photo Feb 07, 5 00 01 PM

Fueling is an essential part of being an athlete, and fueling correctly will help you get through your training and recovery well. Being gluten free, I have less options but I am thankful that companies like Udi’s and Glutino who have made it easier for me over the past several years. These companies have done a good job of making their gluten-free snacks taste great (no different than their gluten-filled counterparts according to my husband)! Snacks between meals, and pre/post training sessions are key times to get more good fuel in. When I am finished with a training session, I need something quick and easy to make but that will also help me recover and refuel well. I always have staples on hand and have a few favorite snacks that are simple to prepare. I like real food, especially after longer training sessions and just constantly being on-the-go.

Here are some of my favorite snacks:

-Plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries and Udi’s granola (I like the Au Naturel granola)
-Tortillas with beans, cheese and salsa (I like the Udi’s plain tortillas or other corn tortilla I might have on hand)
-Almond butter on tortillas or Glutino multigrain English muffins, topped with some raisens
-Vegetable pizza: Udi’s pizza crust with as many veggies as possible and grilled chicken from the night before
-Mini pizzas on English muffins
-Banana and Earth Balance protein peanut blend
-My own trail mix, including raw almonds, some dried fruit, and some cereal or granola
-Low fat chocolate milk!
-Udi’s steel cut oats with fruit and almond or peanut butter (I love berries and they are plentiful in CA, so I put berries on morning cereal as well)
-Very large salad with chicken and/or hard-boiled egg, pumpkin seeds or other seed, and possibly some quinoa as well.
-A few crackers (I love Glutino crackers!) with cheese, with mixed nuts and some fruit


Even the airlines are getting good at serving gluten free food.