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I had the amazing opportunity last weekend to go see the beautiful natural Yosemite Firefall, Horsetail Falls


Breathtaking Horsetail Falls!

with Brian. It happens once a year for no more than 10 days, just before sunset when the glowing sun aligns directly on the falls, illuminating it and making it look like it’s on fire. EVERYTHING has to align well to see it though, including having enough water and no clouds covering the falls. Brian and I were originally planning to make a long day trip if the weather looked good, but instead decided to make a weekend trip. We saw the falls 2x, one night was amazing and the other night we couldn’t see it because of clouds.


Photographers Yosemite

Just SOME of the photographers all set up by 2pm for the 5:20pm show!

I love to travel and experience new places. However, the more serious triathlon has become in my life, traveling has gotten harder. I have found ways to get traveling in though that can work around my training, and this weekend was no exception. I brought my bike and trainer (being unfamiliar with the park roads, this was the best option for me), swim bands, and running shoes. I ran on the gorgeous trails in Yosemite valley while Brian reserved a spot in the crowded photographer area (see photo!). I was able to get the majority of my workouts in, with a few minor adjustments.

Bike trainerBRP_Firefall_web_245BRP_Firefall_web_262

This type of lifestyle takes a lot of planning and researching ahead of time. But it’s possible to travel and train. I just try to not burn myself out and ruin my travel experiences because I’m trying to fit in all my training. It typically has to be modified slightly, but I talk with my coach and am creative with how to get workouts in.

If traveling isn’t your thing, but you have other passions, make sure to not give everything up. Life is all about balance. Spending quality time with friends and family is important because these relationships are lasting. Those who know you and understand triathlon’s demands will be there to support you!

Happy traveling!

Photo Feb 28, 12 20 56 PM

Getting in some other training while visiting family!

Photo Feb 28, 11 12 40 AM